I studied as an undergraduate student in Tsukuba. After graduation in year 2000, I went to the US for my PhD study, then UK for my 1st postdoc, then Singapore for 2nd postdoc, and came back to Tsukuba in February 2014. After going around the world, I leaned that there are many different ways to do good science. My goal is to develop unique and interesting research program by leveraging this exciting environment in Tsukuba International Strategic Zone.



2005 Ph.D. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Watson School of Biological Sciences

2000 B.Sc. University of Tsukuba,College of Biological Science


Professional Experiences

2005-2008 Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute, Research Fellow

2006 Japan Society for Promotion of Science Fellowship for Study Abroad

2006-2008 Human Frontier Science Program, Long-Term Fellow

2008-2014 Genome Institute of Singapore, Research Associate

2014-present University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Medicine, Associate Professor

Selected Publications

Muratani M, Deng N, Ooi WF, Lin SJ,…. Tan P. Nanoscale chromatin profiling of gastric adenocarcinoma reveals cancer-associated cryptic promoters and somatically acquired regulatory elements. (2014) Nature Communications. 5, 4361.

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